Respected Sir/Madam


My name is Vaamaa Baldota. I have completed my schooling from Malvern College, UK and have taken a gap year before I join university. The reason for doing so is to train as many girls as possible to defend against rape and eve teasing. I have been trained by Dr. Deepak and Seema Rao under the UCCA academy. I have been conducting workshops in schools and colleges for women and girls from 9th standard onwards, preparing them to DARE (defence against rape and eve teasing) all over India. I have trained around 16,000 girls so far in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Nasik, Hyderabad, Manesar and rural Karnataka


The DARE program is based on a martial art technique called Jeet Kune Do that focuses on leverage, technique and timing and ‘not’ speed, power and strength, hence making it suitable for girls. This program is for 2 hours and can train maximum of 200 girls in one session for it to be effective. It is free of cost. The session would require an empty hall; size depending on the number of girls, a collar mike and a projector with a screen


The girls will be trained in-
-Verbal confrontation skills
-Situation Enactment
-Avoidance, response, survival and escape tactics
-Self Defence techniques


The urgency for doing this, is the shocking rise in the rate of molestation and rape in India, which is 35% every year


Let us all join hands to protect the honour of our girls and make our country a safe place for them.


Thanking you,


Yours sincerely,
Vaamaa Baldota


For further queries, please contact me on:


mobile- +91 9880305555